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Post by cflsteve on Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:50 pm

The NBLC has tons of potential and with Canada beginning to pump out some basketball talent having a domestic pro league is essential.

1. Begin a partnership with the National Team program. Similar to what USA basketball has with the NBA.
Possibily take it a step further like the NWSL where the CWNT and the USWNT run the league and pay for allocated players.
Or somewhere inbetween.

2. Weekend only games. Like the EURO league do they only have games on the weekend and practice during the week.
From what I have been able to gather Attendance on the Weekend are like night and day compared to attendance for Weekday games.

3. Use the IVY league model for basketball schedule.
The IVY league like EURO Legues practice during the week and play games on the weekend. There Weekend games are sceduled double headers where they play two schools that are close to each other overh the course of a weekend to save on travel costs.

For the NBLC could be a very valuable method for cross division games.
For example a Central Ontario team traveling to Atlantic/East division could take the chance to play two games over FRI, SAT, and SUN. A weekend in New brunswick playing Saint Johns one day and Moncton the next. ISland Storm and Halifax would also be grouped together.
For Atlantic teams coming to Ontario. The same Windsor/London two GTA teams. Leaving Ottawa a bit further away could mix with one of the other cities.

In division Weekend games could be played as single games with the close travel for teams in each region.

4. Usuing the Ivy League Model of schedling would better allow expansion to the West the prairies Division and then a BC division.
With an infrascruture of Arena's already in place through WHL clubs you could place teams in Edmonton and Calgary but other cities like Lethbridge or Red Deer could also be possible in this case an an example.
Saskatoon a possibility.
Obviously securing the current two divisions before expanding West would be best. While that is happening doing studies and survey's of which cities could/would support a franchise, is there an ownership group? Does a group like Flames LLP looking to add another franchise to their group? etc.

5. Local TV Broadcast partner. Essential to have a local Network with coverage of all games.
RogersTV and Eastlink seem to be onboard for local sports of all kinds and they are both already involved with NBLC clubs.
Now with that Broadcast it could be simulcast to other networks. For Example a Halifax home Broadcast vs. London could be in agree ment with RogersTV London to simucast the feed to London and vice versa.
This would allow for each city in the league at least to have a TV Broadcast of every game. So at the very least you can see all of your teams games on TV and not worry about the possible poor webcasts.

6. National TV Broadcaster. Also could be an inexpensive way for a Sportsnet 360, NBATV Canada, TSN2 to provide Canada with Canadian content sports without actually having to pay for the Broadcast themselves.
With NBATV Canada already doing this with WNBA and EURO basketball leagues adding a NBLC game each week simulcast from a local Broadcastor like RogersTV or Eastlink gives them inexppensive but good Canadian Basketball content.

7. Jersey Sponsors for sure. This revenue will go hand and hand with TV Broadcsts. The bigger the TV reach and ratings the more Shirt sponsors would be willing to spend.
This has worked out great for the CFL. now with a steady 750K TV audience per game watching the more corporate sponsor $$$ are being brought in through Jersey sponsors and others as well.

8. Canadian Draft. Should the NBLC have a Canadian Draft of just Canadian players?

A lot of Canadian talent is heading to the NCAA these days as well as some very successful CIS schools. NCAA players would look to the NBA first and the D League has also kept a lot of talent in the states and not over sees. Both are great places for Canadian players.
Having a strong Domestic League in Canada will be huge. Keeping Canadian players in the country and not over sees.

9. Spring/Summer schedule
opposed to the traditional North America Fall Winter schedule?
Following along the lines of what the WNBA has done by having their schedule in the summer.
MLS also goes against the grain for world soccer scheudule weather is a definite factor but also not going up against the NFL and NCAA football
Would this help with ratings and interest not competing with NHL and CHL which dominate Canadian Sports in the Fall and Winter.

10. Taking successful methods from other sports leagues basketball and other that would best fit into the NBLC model. A full NBA model will most likley not work in the long run

With the NBL being new it can be shaped into a successful model. Like Gridiron football there are tons of basketball talent in the US and now also in Canada. So there is plenty of room for a quality pro league in Canada. Getting through the growing pains are always a challenge for a new league. Some breaks and good partnerships always will help a league to grow.



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