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NBLC Shop! Empty NBLC Shop!

Post by Penguin022 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:30 pm

So I was playing around on the NBLC website, when I came across the "NBLC Shop". It seemed interesting so I clicked on it.

At first I found the site confusing. I didn't get where to go, and I felt it was a little unorganized. Then I realized there was a big fat red button in the middle saying "TO FIND YOUR TEAM CLICK HERE". So I clicked THAT. Here comes up all of the teams (the Jazz is there, the Mississauga Power is replaced by Oshawa and the NBLC itself is there as well.)

I checked out what type of stuff they had. And I was surprised by how much there was there was. Hoodies, t-shirts, polos, pants, shorts, hats, backpacks, sackpacks and blankets. Wow! All of which have your picked logo on it. They are a little bit pricey in my opinion, but it's not that bad. The NBLC needs money!

So there's a few suggestions I'd like to make. First of all, we need the Mississauga Power there! Secondy, along with the Mississauga point, there should be products for each season. So they can keep the Oshawa Power stuff, but they should say "Oshawa Power 2011-2012" and "Oshawa Power 2012-2013" and "Mississauga Power 2013-2014", etc. Thirdly, along with the other 2 points, there should be other title for the team. For example, there should be some "London Lightning, 2012-2013 Champs!" logo along with some "2-Time Champs" logo. Another example could be "Summerside Storm, 2012-2013 Atlantic Division Champions". There are a lot of other ideas of things you can do.

So what do YOU guys think? I'd love to hear your feedback! Here's the link to the shop: http://yourteamgear.ca/nbl_canada_site/

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NBLC Shop! Empty Re: NBLC Shop!

Post by JJSA on Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:07 pm

I'll need to order myself some t shirts soon.

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