Would the NBL consider running as a summer league?

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Would the NBL consider running as a summer league? Empty Would the NBL consider running as a summer league?

Post by Cashcleaner on Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:07 am

First off, I'm a BIG supporter of the NBL and I really hope this league succeeds as a pro basketball organization in Canada. The better we develop the game domestically, the better our national teams become - and I'm all for that! That said, one thing I've wondered about for a while is why NBL Canada does not run as a summer league.

By operating a schedule from November thru March, every single club in the league finds itself competing with Junior (OHL, QMJHL) or Senior Professional (AHL) Hockey teams in their respective cities. Not only are NBL clubs competing with these hockey teams for the disposable income of local sports fans, but many are also renting/leasing their respective venues at the most expensive time of the year as well - again, because most arenas are shared with local hockey teams, thereby creating a larger demand for use of the facility. Also, as these hockey clubs have greater buying power, they have first pick at which dates they want to play and the NBL works its schedule around them.

Conversely, in all NBL cities, there are no popular professional sport teams that operate in the summer - at least not on the same scale as hockey is followed in the winter months. Clubs would also be able to negotiate a better lease as the demand for use of most arenas goes down once the hockey season is over. At the moment, there is a drought of summer spectator sports going on in most NBL cities, a fact that this league could find advantageous. Just imagine how many more people would make it out to watch basketball on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights almost every week!

Anyway, just wanted to see what others think about this idea. I can't speak for anyone else, but here in Oshawa there are no pro sports going on in town from the end of September to May and I can't help but think that the NBL is missing out on an opportunity to increase attendance and awareness by operating during the warmer months of the year. I know it's not the "traditional" time for basketball, but I hope that's not the excuse for not considering a change in the schedule.

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Would the NBL consider running as a summer league? Empty Re: Would the NBL consider running as a summer league?

Post by WJF on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:22 am

While you bring up some good point, you are missing the biggest one for the reason they do not go in the summer. In order for this league to be legit and taken seriously it has to operate during a traditional season time frame. Stay the course and build the fan base. I personally would never spend a dime to go to a hockey game, and I am a close to 40 year old white 5th generation Canadian. The fans will come out and support a good product, that is the key.


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